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Saturday, September 23, 2017.

Opera Royalty Pool
3 Month Royalty Package
   * 25% Royalty Interest.
   * Minimum amount to Invest in Opera Royalty Pool is 1 OCN.
   * You will receive your CAPITAL and ROYALTY INTEREST after 3 Months.

6 Month Royalty Package
   * 60% Royalty Interest.
   * Minimum amount to Invest in Opera Royalty Pool is 1 OCN.
   * You will receive your CAPITAL and ROYALTY INTEREST after 6 Months.

Royalty Pool Terms :
   * Minimum BOI Investment = Minimum 50% Of your BOI.
   * Minimum Bonus Investment = Minimum 10 OCN.

Opera Investment Note :
   * BOI Will be Generate into your dashboard on 1st date of the month. If you want withdraw your OCN from your BOI income then you have to pay 20% transaction Charges.
   * Direct Bonus,Matching Bonus,Level Bonus will be credited into your wallet on Every Monday.

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Opera Coin Exchange - Upgrade Security

Friday, September 15, 2017.

To increase the security of your account, Two-Factor Authentication can be enabled from the Preferences of the Opera Coin Exchange. An additional code will be required each and every time you need to authorize a new device to access your account, or even each time you log in to your account. Please note that Two-Factor Authentication completely replaces the security codes which would be normally sent to you by e-mail when authenticating a new device, or resetting/deleting your account.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017.


It was hard time for us. As per the security reason we had resumed our services of exchange OCN for few days. We are extremely very sorry for the inconvenience we have caused to our customers. We have solved the technical issue and we will continue our services with in next two to three days.
We are very whole hearted to announce that we have launched our OPERA COIN EXCHANGE for better and safer way to exchange OCN in shortest time. It is better to exchange with reliable platform than undeveloped service provider.
Investors and customers who has taken our service pack will get their BOI (Benefits of Investment) in their wallets as per they were committed.

Please sent us the screen shot as well as your wallet address of your NOVA Exchange in which your OCN was available.

If you have any further query, please feel free to contact us at support@operacoin.com or info@operacoin.com.

Thank you very much all for your patience.

With warm hearts,

Opera Coin Team.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017.

                We are very appreciative for the trust our customers have shown in us. We are very proud to announce that Opera Wealth Alliance Corporation is going to take another huge step by entering in the exchange zone for all the crypto currency. We are going to launch a new platform for our beloved customers which will allow them to exchange all kind of crypto currency at one place.
                Our experts and associates had seen a very big picture for the future of Opera coin. Our hardworking team has proved their capabilities in terms of results. We are on the urge of reaching finish line for our road map.
                Our team of developers has created a unique platform from where customers will be able to buy or sell Opera with safest and securest way possible and that also with the ease.  We have removed all the difficult prospects of exchange. We have created a unique security features that will not only secure exchange data but our customers valuable assets also.
                There is some more news which shows our progress in terms of world’s first entertainment coin. There are merchants everywhere in the world who are showing their keen interest in working with us and to join our venture as part of our team. We have successfully started exchanging our coins at some petrol pumps and departmental stores in Australia. We will soon provide our services at local casinos in Australia. This shows that we will have very huge future in terms of acceptability at all places.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017.


                    This post is to give you a non technical view of the recent news of possibility of ‘hard fork’ in bitcoin. Hard fork, Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Unlimited, 2 bitcoins…we are sure you are concerned. In spite of understanding this technology deeply, we struggle to keep ourselves updated so we can sympathize how confusing this news must be to bitcoin and opera coin users.
First, the bad news. All that you have read about hard fork is true. It is a genuine concern for everyone involved in this technology. I guess it is a good reminder that anything which has the potential of high reward always comes with high risk.

Now for some assurance. Although the chance of a hard fork is higher than it has ever been before, we are optimistic that it will not happen. In the event of a hard fork, opera coin is technically equipped to handle it as well as any other global coin.

          Without going into technical jargon, what do we suggest you do?

If you are technically savvy, you can transfer the bitcoins into opera coin You can use Mycelium, Copay or Trezor hardware wallet. This is just a suggestion. opera coin is not associated with any of these wallets.

Wish we knew :). Our guess is as good as yours, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

we suggest you please do not transition your bitcoin between 28 july to 3 august

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Between a Rock and a Hard Fork

Monday, July 24, 2017.

                              Since taking the lead on turning the Segwit2x scaling agreement into code, the CEO of blockchain startup Bloq has been accused of everything from closing off bitcoin's open-source development to encouraging unnecessarily aggressive network changes to playing loose with facts to sway public sentiment on the plan.

                              But if the long-time developer, one of the first employed by a startup to work directly with bitcoin's underlying software, has emerged as a lightning rod, Garzik seems enthusiastic about the role.                                 Fond of taking on critics head on in lengthy Twitter exchanges, Garzik may be unique among bitcoin developers in displaying a largely take-charge entrepreneurial mindset, one that finds him at odds with the project's more security-conscious developer group, Bitcoin Core.


                                 Fond of taking on critics head on in lengthy Twitter exchanges, Garzik may be unique among bitcoin developers in displaying a largely take-charge entrepreneurial mindset, one that finds him at odds with the project's more security-conscious developer group, Bitcoin Core.

                                 But if Garzik is under scrutiny now, he's likely to be there for some timeWhile there are a few steps left before bitcoin’s long-awaited capacity upgrade is a done deal (it's looking increasingly likely that bitcoin miners will push a scaling upgrade by the end of August), the code changes he's shepherding aren't due to conclude until the fall.

                                  That's when they'll perhaps hit a fever pitch that dwarfs the current debate, and in a new interview, Garzik doubled down on his intent to introduce the code for a hard fork that would further boost the network's capabilities while putting it again on a path to a split.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017.

                  Opera coin has created its brand through all the services it provides to their customers. After successful ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and launching our Opera coin on well known exchanges, we are upgrading our services as it was mentioned in white paper. Opera coin will be accepted where entertainment is provider’s agenda, I mean Opera coin will be accepted at all the available sectors of entertainment and customers will be able to receive all entertainment related services by exchanging OPERA COIN.

On the initial stages we have started few services for our customers as mentioned below:

                    Opera mobile TV will give access to their customers to watch their favorite programs, TV series, movies, etc. using opera coin as a get way. No matter how far you are from your country, you will be able to watch your favorite regional and international program using OPERA MOBILE TV app.

                    Opera Entertainment Vouchers will allow its peers to use it through any entertainment services. Opera Entertainment vouchers will be accepted at all the places where entertainment is being served. For example; movie theatres, casinos, restaurants, pubs, cafes, parks, play theatres, clubs, etc., Customers will be able to redeem their vouchers at all the available places.

                     Because of Ransom ware attacks and insecurities of the wallets, people are confused weather to use such wallets or not. We have a found a safest way to secure your belongings through our wallet. OPERA WALLET, worlds’ safest and most secure wallet service for their customers where users will be allowed to secure their wealth using our wallet services. User will be able to secure all type of crypto coins using our OPERA WALLET service.

                     Opera Coin will be the first crypto coin which allows its users to make transaction using OPERA DEBIT CARD. Now you do not have to make fuss about exchanging OPERA COIN using online transaction platform. Users will be able to use any services which are regulated with OPERA COIN by simply swapping their OPERA DEBIT card. This service will be accepted throughout the globe for service satisfaction. Now there is no need to bring travelers’ cheque, OR any credit card if user goes out of country, users will be able to use OPERA COIN universally.

                        Want to start online business? Opera Coin has launched a platform which can be used as a payment get way. People will be able to integrate our payment get way with their website. User has to simply integrate an API to their website for easy and hassle free business. There are no hidden charges in our services. Users will be able to receive all kind of currencies directly to their integrated bank account. We have lowest processing fees for our services. Join us to increase your business at 200%.

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Bitcoin Bill Payments in Australia Rises 3300% in 3 Years

Saturday, July 1, 2017.

Australian bitcoin startup Living Room of Satoshi, an installments organization that empowers clients to pay their bills with bitcoin, has now handled $5 million in family unit bills with the cryptocurrency. There is an amazing ascent in bill installments utilizing bitcoin in Australia. The numbers are telling. Front room of Satoshi, the organization empowering charge installments in the nation with bitcoin, propelled in April 2014. By August that year, Australian occupants had paid upwards of $150,000 toward bills with the world's most noticeable cryptocurrency. "Bitcoin utilization in Australia is developing quickly, and our clients disclose to us they are searching for more approaches to spent their bitcoin," expressed prime supporter and CEO Daniel Alexiuc at the time. /Get selective examination of bitcoin and gain from our instructional exercises. Join Hacked.com for just $39 now. / Around the finish of 2015, the organization struck a huge breakthrough, handling over $1 million of bitcoin installments toward bills. Presently, the bitcoin organization, which was granted the 'Best State Startup' for Queensland and the 'Best New Startup in Australia' in 2015, has come to $5 million in handling bills paid with bitcoin. Addressing Business Insider AU, Daniel Alexiuc underlined the benefits of utilizing bitcoin as a money: As the primary genuinely worldwide, decentralized and shared cash, Bitcoin is impeccably suited to bill installments in Australia. It likewise empowers new conceivable outcomes, similar to guardians in outside nations having the capacity to effortlessly bolster their kids contemplating in Australia by paying some of their bills. The Brisbane-based bitcoin organization enables Australian clients to settle regular bills for utilities, Visa installments, gas, water, telecom, school charges, home or property lease and even expense installments. Remarkably, clients are charged no expenses for bills while utilizing the administration. Addressing CCN in a prior meeting, Alexiuc uncovered: We make a benefit by offering bitcoin on numerous global trades, having the capacity to accomplish a superior cost than is conceivable locally in Australia. Front room of Satoshi empowers anybody to make installments toward BPAY-empowered bills. Claimed by the alleged 'Huge Four' Australian banks, BPAY is an electronic bill-installment framework that empowers clients to make charge installments for various administrations. Each real business in Australia is BPAY-empowered, just like the elected and state governments. Normally known as a bitcoin startup, the organization additionally enables clients to pay in different cryptocurrencies. While bitcoin is the most prominent cryptocurrency of decision, clients have likewise made installments with Dash, Ether, Litecoin and Monero. The Brisbane bitcoin organization has progressed significantly, especially in the wake of covering its operations inside its initial 6 months in 2014, because of Australian Government's bitcoin 'twofold expense' administering. After two months, the organization continued operations. Right up 'til the present time, Australians keep on being burdened twice for bitcoin-related buys. As far as concerns its, the Australian government has resolved to put a conclusion to the twofold tax collection.

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Friday, June 23, 2017.

OPERA coin is the eventual fate of shopping and excitement. The Method for living has been changed from decade to decade. Inside one final century human race have experienced a great deal, two world wars, many conflicts of development, numerous cataclysmic events, sicknesses, debasements of government, innovation upset, from auto to space deliver. Human race has been enhanced through such a large number of battles and gives up. We don't know how to clairvoyant, however we have figured out how to speak with the individual who is a large number of miles far from us with the assistance of web. It was made to interface individuals around the globe and there are such a variety of different employments of the web, list is too long. 21st century acquires blast this new advanced time, web based shopping had been expanded. Individuals began getting distinctive administrations through single entrance. 2009 was the year when entire idea of world economy was going to change with the passage of "BITCOIN-BLOCKCHAIN" framework. Following eight years of expert long stretch, individuals began have confidence later on of cryptographic money. There are more than 700 alt digital forms of money, which fills diverse needs according to the prerequisite. OPERA coin is the principal digital money that will serve for the bliss of the individual. OPERA coin will be the main amusement coin. We will have the capacity to spend OCN (OPERA COIN) at every single shopping center. We will have the capacity to watch film in every last theaters in return of OCN (OPERA coin). OCN (OPERA drama coin) will be acknowledged at each phase of diversion climate its shopping or eating nourishment. Group of OPERA coin has seen clear vision; the reason for their inventive thought is to serve mankind with every one of their endeavors.

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“Euroclear Bankchain” Blockchain Service Processes 100,000 Gold Settlements

Thursday, June 22, 2017.

An organization between the trusted supplier of post-exchange administrations, Euroclear, and the money related innovation organization, Paxos, having some expertise in Blockchain execution arrangements, reported that the second pilot of their Euroclear Bankchain had been finished? The venture is a Blockchain settlement benefit for the London bullion that is set to go live in the not so distant future.Two pilot programs The main experimental run program of the Euroclear Bankchain occurred in December 2016 and included more than 600 OTC test bullion exchanges being settled on the stage over a time of two weeks.It was co-ordinated through the Euroclear Bankchain Market Advisotry Group that incorporates members working with Euroclear and Paxos in the take off of the new administration.The as of late finished up second test case program occurred more than two days and included 16 showcase members including Citi, Société Générale, MKS PAMP Group, INTL FCStone Ltd, Barrick Gold Corporation, NEX EBS BrokerTec and ED&F Man. The experimental run program saw more than 100,000 settlements.Seth Phillips, Bankchain Product Director at Paxos, said of the venture: "It has been energizing to watch the development of the Euroclear Bankchain test case program in the course of the most recent month. We multiplied the quantity of firms and fundamentally expanded communication as members were spread crosswise over six nations and four time zones. Above all, we're demonstrating that the stage can convey bring down expenses and lower hazard for the London gold market" Developing the new market infrastructure Euroclear and Paxos have both been working intimately with the London bullion showcase test and get input on the stage. Angus Scott, Head of Product Strategy and Innovation at Euroclear includes: "We are empowered by the broad engagement of market members in this second pilot and will proceed as we further build up this new market foundation for the bullion showcase. The input gave is of awesome significance to ensure that our administration will convey genuine enhanced the London bullion showcase through straightforwardness, capital diminishment and conveyance versus installment settlement" Paxos is a monetary innovation organization conveying spearheading Blockchain answers for worldwide money related establishments. Its leader administration is Bankchain, a cutting edge Blockchain settlement stage that is changing post-exchange crosswise over capital markets. Bankchain conveys immediate settlement and more prominent computerization, offering market members lessened counterparty chance, bring down capital prerequisites and expanded operational efficiencies. Euroclear gathering is the money related industry's trusted supplier of post exchange administrations. At the center, the gathering gives settlement, protection and overhauling of household and cross-outskirt securities from securities, values and subordinates to speculation stores. Euroclear is a demonstrated, strong capital market framework focused on conveying hazard moderation, mechanization and effectiveness at scale for its worldwide customer establishment.

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